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It turns out that cooking with solar energy completely changes the taste and texture of dishes cooked with other forms of energy. In part this is because the sun heats all of the food simultaneously instead of directing heat to just the bottom or top of the pot or pan. Solar cooking also requires a certain amount of flexibility. When the sun is blazing, dishes can be churned out in no time, but less intense sunshine will require longer cooking times. Rain is even more challenging for the solar-chef: in the event of such weather, either the restaurant has to cancel its dishes planned for the day or shift gears completely and prepare meals that don’t require a lot of heat.

First shown at Milan Design Week 2011, this mobile kitchen and restaurant has been strutting its super solar stuff at twelve locations throughout Europe. The public is welcome to attend the next opening at Kalastama, Eteläkärki, Helsinki between August 4 and 14, 2011.

+ Martí Quixé

+ Antto Melasniemi

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