This simple shipping container became the latest trendy tread shop to hit the streets last week in NYC’s Meatpacking District, right under the Highline Park. The Siki Im concept store is skinned in soy-based foam and features funky walls made from spray-on expanding polyurethane. The interior takes on a decidedly sculptural approach by projecting shapes from the walls and showcasing a room with a sloping floor. Leong Leong‘s avant-garde space is also a green highlight in design, given its nod to reuse and eco-friendly materials.

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Siki Im, a men’s fashion company, opened its stores just last week as part of a collaborative series between fashion designers and architects dubbed Building Fashion. The project has been described as a place of gathering and a venue to discover Siki Im’s clothing. Simple novelties like a little hide-and-seek and a spontaneous slide keep the overall design aesthetic and ambiance light.

The foam was sprayed on each the interior, exterior and the ground outside, and visitors are required to remove their shoes before entry. The closed cell foam uses a soy based binder, which contains an r-6 per inch when applied. The space was originally used as the sales office for the Leong Leong designed HL23 apartment building.

+ Leong Leong