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The shipping container project will have 12 units in a three story building. Although the units’ 280-290 square foot layout may seem small, even by city standards, many of the women at Atira have had emotional reactions when touring the project. Because of their prior living situation, they are touched at the thought of having a home to call their own.

Half of the units are dedicated as low income while the other half will house older women to strengthen the community through Atira’s mentorship program. Talk about social sustainability! Using shipping containers for the structure instead of traditional concrete construction saved the project a great deal of money and may serve as a model for future affordable housing projects.

The CEO of Atira, Janice Abbott, has stated that the organization is “absolutely thrilled with the outcome of this development.”

“Atira had the vision and the tenacity to see this project through a precedent setting development process, despite criticism and opposition,” she said. “We are grateful to our funding partners who stood by us. The building and individual suites look better than we ever could have imagined.”

This project is a wonderful application of shipping containers as a building material; it helped the organization meet their budgetary needs without sacrificing quality. Well done!

+ Atira Women’s Resource Society

Via Huffington Post

Photos by Jaime Kowal