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Container Stack Pavilion by People’s Architecture Office

Set within a grassy park, the temporary Container Stack Pavilion makes up for its lack of surrounding shade with the long cantilevered overhangs of the yellow containers perpendicularly stacked atop the red containers. Interior and exterior stairs lead up large roof terraces on both levels so that visitors can enjoy elevated views of the city. The design and construction of the pavilion allows for easy disassembly and transport to another location.

Container Stack Pavilion by People’s Architecture Office

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The interior keeps the shipping container walls largely intact save for cutouts on the exterior that serve as windows or doors, as well as sections removed at the center of the pavilion to create an airy double-height atrium. Natural light pours into the building through the skylights and full-height windows that bookend every container. White seating and tables punctuate both floors. The pavilion also includes an indoor ball pond and outdoor sandpit.

+ People’s Architecture Office

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Images via People’s Architecture Office