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Front facade of the earthquake-resistant OA Kindergarten by Hibino Sekkei

Utilizing shipping containers is a growing trend in architecture and construction for a variety of reasons. The metal boxes are incredibly strong, and can also cut construction costs as well as time, since they can be retrofitted into more elaborate buildings faster than traditional building methods. The two firms have a history of partnering to create open, light-filled spaces for Japan’s tots, and the OA Kindergarten is the latest in a series of facilities that provide soothing spaces for all sorts of educational endeavors—and of course, some play time as well.

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In addition to the structure’s strength, its inner workings are designed with energy efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint in mind. The architects hope the new kindergarten building will inspire the children to connect with nature by learning about the importance of lowering carbon dioxide emissions. The new building was designed without interfering with the existing trees, instead incorporating them into the design in a way that draws the kids’ attention. In this way, the architects hope to fuel a passion for environmental stewardship that will last a lifetime.

+ Hibino Sekkei

Images via Studio Bauhaus