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A modern interpretation of the 19th century glass-and-iron greenhouses, the Invisible Garden House clusters customizable modular domes in varying shapes and sizes. For their triple pod pilot project, SHJWORKS refined the large, central dome into a gazebo space by adding a wooden platform and seating. The gazebo-like dome also opens out on either side to the connected smaller pods, containing a vegetable garden and flowerbed.

To make the curved shell, 4 mm-thick UV-resistant sheets were CNC-milled into individual panels and stitched together with polycarbonate ties, a process Jensen likens to the “handicraft of a tailor.” Each pod, assembled with metal bolts, is placed beneath the frost line to ground the house. During summer, latches at the top of the dome can be opened for ventilation.

Though the pilot pods were built for a private residence, Jensen sees these easily replicable pop-up greenhouses as a potential catalyst for urban revitalization. Since the scalable modular domes can be built into clusters of different shapes and sizes, the Invisible Garden House can be modified to fit a variety of programmatic needs from private backyards to urban rooftops.


Via Treehugger