Throughout September and October, an undercover activist recorded footage at a former Tyson Foods farm in Oklahoma that is certain to turn your stomach and wrench your heart. The footage released on Wednesday by Mercy for Animals shows workers at West Coast Farms slamming piglets on the ground to kill them, castrating others without anesthetic, kicking pigs in the head, gouging eyes, and even hitting an animal with a bowling ball. Tyson Foods is one of Walmart’s biggest suppliers and among the largest meat producers in the United States.

Warning: this video contains disturbing footage

Tyson Foods immediately cut ties with West Coast Farms after the video was released to the public. They plan to take possession of the animals on the farm, and fire the employees depicted in the footage.

“We’re serious about proper animal handling and expect the farmers who supply us to treat animals with care and to be trained and certified in responsible animal care practices. It’s consistent with our core values to ‘serve as stewards of the animals entrusted to us.'” Tyson spokesman Gary Mickelson told the Associated Press and NBC.

This is not the first time that Walmart has found itself in hot water. Undercover footage taken from another farm made public last month shows tiny gestation crates and workers throwing piglets on their heads. Walmart has supported Tyson’s decision to terminate its contract with West Coast Foods and say that they will work to establish a new program for tracking and sourcing pork.

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Image via US Department of Agriculture