The best architecture blurs the lines between the outdoors and the inside space, marrying together elements of nature at every interior turn. Developers from 10 Design kept this concept in the forefront while completing Jinwan Mall, a new lakefront shopping mall in Zhuhai.

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A futuristic-looking glass building with a large screen in front of it

The 117,000 square meters Jinwan Mall covers all the bases for a modern shopping center with striking visual appeal and function. It’s nestled up to the edge of Jinsha Lake in Zhuhai, China, which gives visitors a chance to connect with the environment

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An inside pavilion with blue lightings above and staircases where people are walking around

Jinwan Mall is 10 Design’s second completed project on Huafa’s Jinwan Aviation City, along with the recently built Industrial Service Center and soon to be completed International Business Center.

An aerial view of the mall all lit up

The massive mall undertaking was completed through a partnership of Ted Givens and Scott Findley. They designed it together with Project Partner Miriam Auyeung (COO), Project Leader Sonja Stoffels, and the entire architectural team made up of Peby Pratama, Joyce Lo, Vincent Fung, Yan Liu, Lufei Li, Wang Yang, Ruizhao Zhang and Echo Zhong. 

An overview of the map surrounded by skyscrapers behind it and a river in front of it

The basis of the design comes from nature and is mirrored in the integration of a traditional courtyard garden into the contemporary space. In addition to the views of plants and lake, the campus incorporates the main mall, retail street and the waterside pavilions consisting of F&B and retail spaces with ample outdoor spaces. A glass canopy spine connects the retail street and the mall, which provides protection from the weather while moving between the spaces. 

Stacked silver building lit up inside

The striking façade represents the classic architecture of Chinese stacked stone walls and highlights unique and modern-day features such as the rhombi shapes inspired by the 4th-dimensional hypercube. In combination, the design creates a balance between dark and light, as well as massed areas with perforated panels and glass to provide natural light

A wooden structure that has a hole in the middle of it in a pavilion

“Our design for Jinwan Mall transforms the regular shopping mall into an outdoor retail experience closely linked to nature, creating a new paradigm of how people experience retail spaces and bringing a new destination to Zhuhai’s Jinwan District,” said Design Partner Ted Givens.

Multiple floors of a silver building

Jinwan Mall designers braced against road noise with a solid wall to buffer sound on the street side. By contrast, the waterfront side of the mall features endless rows of windows and accesses to the pedestrian-rich area that features areas for pop-up shops and performances. The views towards the mall present green terraces and lakefront gardens that transition visitors into the space. 

A mall structure at the corner of a busy street

“The Jinwan Mall development has been designed to maximize the nature and outdoor lifestyle of Zhuhai whilst tying it to the hypermodern concepts of discovery and exploration,” said Project Partner Miriam Auyeung (COO). “This new retail destination will provide the city with a public landmark that is inviting and accessible for all.”

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