Watch out Labrador Retriever, this little guy might just take your place as man’s best friend. This is the “Family Nanny” robot from the Chinese Robotics company Siasun. On top of being totally adorable, it can spot gas leaks, check on health monitoring systems and have a chat with you when you’re lonely. Plus its efficient battery runs for 8 hours on a mere 2 hour charge. The price tag for companionship and safety is $1,500, but you’ll have to wait five years until they are commercially released.

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The “Family Nanny” robot was developed by Siasun to help care for the elderly in place of a caretaker. Who needs human touch anyway? Especially when you’ve got a piece of technology that can talk to the police, text message and give you a ring if you’re not home and it senses a gas leak. Plus the “Family Nanny” has conversational software that lets it hold a conversation as well as a physical detection system so it can sense if something is wrong. If it does sense an emergency it sends a remote signal to the appropriate persons to alert them of a problem and call for help.

Siasun is releasing the “Family Nanny” first as a companion but hopes to use the advanced conversational and physical detection software to develop robots for natural disasters. They envision their robots locating earthquake and mine victims with their advanced robotic perception. We always wanted our own C-3PO — now it looks like our dream might come true.

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