Offshore wind turbines sometimes get a bad rap: they’re heavy, require too much maintenance and they’re expensive, but Siemens has overcome these obstacles with Turbina Sapiens, a brand new 6.0 MW wind turbine that uses 50% less parts than their rivals. Featuring Siemens’ proven direct drive technology, fewer parts, smart technology that effortlessly manages energy flow, and a towerhead mass of less than 350 tons, this giant slashes construction, installation and maintenance costs and increases the project’s overall energy output.

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Most wind turbines with a high energy output are getting heavier, which complicates all aspects of the product’s development and maintenance. Turbina Sapiens on the other hand is leaner and simpler than its predecessors and uses half as many parts as its competitors. This is achieved in part by replacing the main shaft, gear box and high-speed generator with a single low speed generator that eliminates two-thirds of conventional drive train arrangements.

The svelte rotors are cast in a single process without glued joints, and the nacelle, which houses the power system, is a self-contained unit that delivers medium voltage power to the grid. This allows the turbine to be pre-commissioned onshore. Other challenges that beset typical turbines have been overcome with smart technology, including grid compliance, turbine condition monitoring, load control and high winds. Paying attention to every aspect of the supply chain, Siemenshas built on their longstanding experience in the wind industry to deliver a more affordable, low-maintenance turbine that is ideal for offshore applications.

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