We’re happy to see that many eco-conscious Americans have gotten used to toting around their own water containers instead of buying disposable water bottles. Many consumers thought they were lightening their carbon footprint by buying SIGG brand aluminum bottles, but then the company revealed that its “green” aluminum bottles did in fact include Bisphenol-A (BPA) in both their linings and exterior – a chemical that can cause obesity, neurological issues, and other harmful side effects. After consumer outrage, thousands of returns, and broken business partnerships, the company’s U.S. distributor has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

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Even though SIGG has since introduced non-BPA linings for their bottles, the damage was done, and customer trust was lost. Consumers who thought they were helping the planet were in turn hurting it, and themselves.

It is a shame, but the defrauded customers have spoken. Over 300,000 BPA-lined bottles were returned to SIGG in exchange for new non-BPA ones. Eco-conscious outdoor store Patagonia ended their relationship with SIGG not long after, and as a result dwindling sales have lead to the Chapter 11.

Plastic bottles are one of biggest components of the world’s landfills, so buying reusable water bottles is a big step, in the consumer’s hands. It is unfortunate that those who were trying to help were instead lied to.


Via Tree Hugger