Imagine inviting a dinner party of six into a formal dining room with only 3 chairs. The horror! Well, it’s really no problem with the Guarda Inside-Out Chair by Zanic Design. At first glance it’s a sleek, modern piece that is so slim, it can’t possibly have room to hide a box of chocolates, let alone a whole other chair. That is unless the other chair is molded right around the first chair like a second skin – hidden in plain sight. When you slide the white outer chair off, it “gives birth” to the inner one nesting doll-style. What a great way to psych your dinner guests out!

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You know how much we love transforming furniture, and the Guarda Inside Out is no exception with its space-saving capabilities and element of surprise. The outer shell is made of smooth, white Corian which contrasts very nicely with the inner redwood core. These chairs are perfect in pairs for dining, but a single chair would also make a great gift for a grad moving into their own place.

As an added bonus, the outer shell can be used as a magazine rack or stuff-stasher when it’s not holding the inner chair. You might even be able to use it to cultivate your very own growing chair.

+ Silla Guarda Inside-Out Chair

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