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Located on 19 forested acres in Saranac, New York, the home appears to be a serene mountain escape at first glance. The “surface home” is an open 1,800 square foot lodge with hardwood floors, a wrap-around porch and ample skylights that fill the home with sunlight. Exposed beams, glass curtains,  and a private airstrip make the mountain house an already coveted property.

But below the surface, two additional levels of luxury living are also accessible with a touch of a keypad. The super-secure Launch Control Center has been converted into a suite of luxury living. Blast doors lead down to a 125 foot stairwell, which accesses the subterranean space with a kitchen, dining room, entertainment room, three bedrooms and deluxe Jacuzzi bathroom. Even further down, two blast doors lead to the actual missile silo, which stretches down nine floors, or 185 feet, below the surface. The tunnel is 50 feet in diameter, and was built to withstand a nuclear attack.

The unique 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom property, which took over 20 years to renovate, was sold by Gibbons and Francisco for $750,000, and provides the luxury client with a home that is just as safe as it is unique.

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