At long last our dreams are coming true. Now thanks to Silverback, we can charge our gadgets while we ride around town on our favorite two-wheeled mode of transportation. The Starke 1 and Starke 2 bicycles each have a USB gadget port that is connected to a hub on the wheel that charges your gadgets while you pedal. But even when you don’t have a gadget plugged in, don’t fret, the energy won’t go to waste — it is fed into your bike’s lights, making replacement batteries a thing of the past.

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Both the Starke 1 and 2 come with a USB port powered by a hub dynamo, and feature frames made from the same nickel alloy that each weigh in at about 30 pounds.

The bikes are part of Silverback’s 2012 line-up, and thus you’ll have to wait a bit to see how much these 9-speed gadget friendly rides will cost you. The Starke 1 will most likely clock in a bit above the price tag of the 2 since it comes with electric motor assisted cruising. But no matter the price, the ability to charge your gadgets with your own motion is pretty amazing – so we’re guessing once they hit the market, these peddlers will be a hot commodity.

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