Growing up in a barn has never been this modern. Simon Conder, a British architect, is responsible for this beautiful conversion of a group of farm buildings in Buckinghamshire. Three old farm buildings were attached and then remodeled in order to provide a unique home for a family in the UK. Clean, modern lines and the nostalgia of the old world come together to create a warm and inviting space in this wonderfully charming home.

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The converted home stands in open countryside with a view of surrounding fields. The three buildings that make up the home are: a large stone barn, a smaller stone and brick barn, and a partially open metal-sided shed. Forming a triangle, the joined three structures create an inner courtyard– a sheltered, quiet space with a larger planter for aquatic plants that the family can enjoy. The rural residence also takes advantage of its rustic characteristics as Conder was thoughtful to retain the exterior walls of the stone and brick barns along with much of the timber framing.

The smaller and larger barn are connected via an upstairs bridge, which links two bedrooms. The smaller barn is occupied by the children’s area, with a large play area, two bedrooms and a bathroom. The large barn contains an open kitchen, living areas and two bedrooms. The shed received the most upgrades and additions to make it a comfortable living space.

These pictures show the home without furniture, portraying a vast openness. In converting the barns to livable space, the architect’s and owner’s goal was to preserve the openness of the original barns and minimize the number of internal divisions, like walls and rooms. Conder has also done a number of other eco-conscious conversions, like a firehouse into an apartment in London and a granary in Sussex.

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