Grey skies got you down? Turn to Simon Enever’s very clever Ella umbrella stand to brighten your home and remedy those rainy day blues. This rather elegant new age umbrella stand uses rainwater from your umbrella to feed thirsty grass and adds a fun spot of green to your foyer.

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In order to utilize recycled rainwater, the acrylic stand rests on top of a green patch of grass to catch the excess moisture from your wet umbrella. The stand is constructed from three injection molded plastic parts which screw into one another and is easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning. With so few parts to manufacture, Ella uses limited materials and energy during production.

Aesthetically, the clear look of the stand reinforces the feeling of wetness and nature – the umbrellas almost appear to be stuck right into the grass, bringing elements of the outdoors in. When empty the form is reminiscent of an umbrella itself and adds visual interest to any space it occupies. Although acrylic is obviously not the most inherently sustainable material, the concept behind the Ella is that it’s fun design will compel people to cherish it and keep it in their homes for years to come. And if Simon Enever plans to use a more eco-friendly type of plastic in the future, it would certainly make the Ella even more desirable!

+ Ella Umbrella Stand

Via Yanko Design