Singapore-based Nevhouse builds efficient prefab houses out of recycled plastic waste. The low-cost homes require minimal maintenance, they are fire and earthquake resistant, and they could provide shelter to families that live in areas challenged by natural disasters and social and economic hardships.

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The company operates in Singapore and Indonesia and often partners with NGOs to provide housing solutions to people without the means to secure their own safe shelter. The main target group includes people living in slums, working in remote areas or those who lost their homes in natural disasters. A pioneering solution, the prefab homes are built from composite recycled plastic compound (CRPC).

In addition to providing a cheap construction material, the recycled compound helps to divert waste from landfills. Waste is collected from the city streets, taken to the company’s factory, where it is then recycled into a composite plastic compound and molded into panels. Easily transported, the ‘flat packed’ homes can be assembled in only two to three days using the most basic tools.

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