We spotted this fancy multi-tasking toilet/sink by Roca at the London Design Festival. It’s obviously compact and perfect for any loft space or small apartment, and its sleek design houses a nifty self-contained greywater system that is capable of reducing water use by up to 25% compared to a standard 6/3-litre dual flush toilet. It’s a much trendier and elegant solution to existing sink to toilet greywater systems, and we’re excited that high design has embraced waste-water management.

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Combo sink/toilet systems such as this have been prevalent in Japan for years, but Roca’s W + W (washbasin + watercloset) looks much more practical and introduces some fresh features. The system uses Roca’s “water-reuse technology” and also features an automatic cleaning system that avoids flushing bacteria into the unit’s built-in cistern, cutting down on unpleasant odors.

Finally people are starting to realize that using our heavily (and expensively) treated drinking water to transport our waste to a facility for treatment (where the water is then dumped into our oceans and bays), might not make the most sense after all. Maybe someday all of those wasted nutrients will be recycled on site even in urban environs, but for now we’re happy to see baby steps towards better water efficiency.

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Lead photo by Antonia Halse