Swedish architecture firm Kjellgern Kaminsky Architectus has recently unveiled six compelling designs for zero-energy, passive prefab homes; meaning the homes take advantage of passive design strategies so as to consume zero net energy. The passive prefab home designs were shown at the Stockholm Housing Fair, which was open from October 9-12, 2008. The six designs range from 1,076 square feet to 2,045 square feet– accommodating as many as four bedrooms.  That means whether you are a young professional or have a growing family, Kjellergen Kaminsky Architectus has a zero-energy, passive house that can suit your lifestyle.

Villa Draspel, Kjellegen Kaminsky Architects, PreFab Housing, Passive Housing, Zero Energy HousingInterior Villa Dragspel

Although not the first venture into the passive design housing market, Kjellgern Kaminsky Architectus have clearly crafted innovative homes for diverse audiences. To view all six passive houses and get an insider perspective from their narratives, visit the architects’ website.

Via Jetson Green

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