As summer heats up, we’re looking forward to bikini and pina colada time by the pool. If you’re looking for stylish items to help keep you cool that won’t break the bank or your eco-conscience, here are a few that we can recommend…

Melissa Summer Sandals

melissa summer loving, melissa sandals, sustainable sandals, meflex, green sandals

Sweltering days call for maximum foot aeration and these sexy sustainably made slippers are perfect for the job. Made in Brazil in a factory that observes super impressive eco-conscious practices, the classic Sin and sultry Mistery will wrap your feet in airy comfort on sweltering days.

$59-$79 at the Inhabitatshop

Ultimate Biodegradable Party Kit for 50 Guests

biodegradable party kit, picnic set, branch, compostable tableware

Asking people at your cookout to recycle their cups is wonderful, but biodegradable tableware is so much more of a crowdpleaser! These plates are stylin’ with their sleek, bagasse look, and actually having a compost bin that people can throw their plates AND food into gets people talking. Up the ante with the included plastic-looking utensils (they’re actually made of potato starch) that can be thrown in there as well and you’ll really get a reaction. When the compost is ready, you can even re-gift it as a party favor at your next shindig and remind guests that they helped make what is in their goodiebags!

$48 at the Inhabitatshop

NoonSolar Sun-Powered Willow Tote

noonsolar bag, solar-powered bag, sun-powered bag, noonsolar pursephoto via BornonHeels

Summer and sun go together like peas and carrots. Why not take advantage with a bag that turns the inescapably abundant energy of solar rays into juice for your gadgets and gizmos? May we add that charging people’s phones and iPods for them on the beach is sure to make you the life of the party?

$330 at the Inhabitatshop

Deux FM Mystique Bikini

sustainable swimsuit, sustainable bikini, green bikini

Searching for a way to make your not quite so green guy into an environmentalist? Look no further. We know it’s not easy finding eco-friendly swimsuits that are as sexy as they are sustainable – that’s why we found one for ya! The best part about the figure flattering Mystique is that it’s made of remnant fabric. Oh and did we mention that it’s sizzling hot too?

$95 at the Inhabitatshop

Icy Recycled Sno Jewelry

kumvana gomani, recycled jewelry, recycled plastic bottles, eco-jewelry

Keep your cool this summer with these frosty fresh accoutrements made from discarded plastic bottles. Each piece is made by hand in Sweden by artist Kumvana Gomani.

Starting at $10 at the Inhabitatshop

Just Say “Eco to Go”!

takeout container waste, alternative to takeout containers, save plastic containers, save waste, eco to gophoto via mandiberg

If you’ve ever felt the frustration of trying to order catering or takeout without being bombarded with a mountain of plastic utensils and a ream of napkins that you could write your life story on, Eco to Go can help! The simple phrase was created as a way to communicate to restaurants that you would like minimal packaging, condiments and utensils. The more people use it, the more food vendors will know that they have to get on board so let your favorite spot know about it the next time you order! Better yet, make a homecooked meal for your next event – that way you won’t have to fake the funk by dusting flour on your face when your guests arrive.

Saying “Eco to Go” is $0