With limited traffic on the roads, cruising down abandoned streets on a slick new skateboard can be a dream come true for many skateboarders. Thanks to Rustek‘s new collection of wooden skateboards, handcrafted out of sustainably sourced wood, we can all dream of popping sweet 180-degree ollies while soaring down the street.

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two wooden skateboards on black wall

man crouched down riding a skateboard

Portland-based Rustek has long been the skateboard builder of choice for many ‘boarders, mainly because the Rustek team is made up of skaters themselves. They build their products by hand, always working with help from local craftsmen. Made in their mobile shop trailer, the quality of their skateboards and gliders are top-notch.

upclose shot of man's foot on wooden skateboard

man riding a skateboard around curve

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As part of their commitment to quality, the Rustek team offers only the best when it comes to using natural materials in their designs. The skateboard decks are built under the company’s strict eco-friendly ethos, using only FSC-certified, sustainably-sourced wood and responsibly-sourced textiles such as leather and wool that are sourced from cruelty and chemical-free sources.

two wooden skateboards with orange wheels

two wooden skateboards with various color tones

Using natural building materials not only adds to the sustainability of the skateboards, but also gives them a unique identity. In fact, each deck design is one-of-its-kind, featuring varying shapes and tones. According to the designers, this is part of what makes their product stand out from the millions of skateboards that are on the market. “We believe that the organic variation in each material is in part what makes them beautiful and ensures that every product we make is naturally unique. You will feel the difference in our wood phone cases and boards because of our commitment to sourcing high quality material,” Rustek explains on its website.

upclose shot of part of wooden skateboard

shot of wooden skateboard being made

In addition to the high-quality materials used to craft their skateboard range, the company is also very active in protecting the environment. For example, the company plants a tree for every order and donates 10% of all profits to the National Park Service.

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