The Traces ‘Junk’ Shop at the London Design Festival is packed full of exciting designs to catch the eye. One showstopper, in a room full of them, is the Skeleton Lampshade by Donna Walker. With just a suggestion of a lampshade fashioned in colorful wire frame, the chandelier is a modern take on a classic shape.

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“Skeleton Lampshades bring lighting back to basics by stripping back existing lampshades to reveal the beauty and original craftsmanship of their wire frames. The shades are then powder coated to bring them new life through a touch of color,” says Walker. Each chandelier is made using a powder coated lampshade frame, a cloth covered wire and a halogen adaptor lamps. In addition to the chandelier, the Skeleton Lampshade also comes in table and floor lamps and can be made in a variety of colors and sizes.

The Skeleton Lampshade has been featured in Elle Décor UK and Italia, and is a playful example of the beautiful things that can be accomplished when we strip design down to its basic elements.

+ Donna Walker

+ Traces ‘Junk’ Shop