We’re always impressed with creative design reuse, but this children’s playground made from recycled shipping containers takes the cake for one of the most imaginative examples of shipping container architecture we’ve seen. Known as the Skinners Playground, this kidscape puts four discarded shipping containers to use as the primary spaces for childhood adventures. Designed by Melbourne-based , the children’s activity center reconfigures the containers, as well as plenty of other recycled and salvaged materials, into a fun-filled park for the young imagination.

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Many of the structural elements in the Skinners Playground are simply container cut outs that have been repositioned. The stair railings, shade overhangs, and balconies are all parts of abandoned containers. The materials are left with tell tale signs of origin, giving a feeling similar to kid-constructed tree houses and forts from found objects.

The windows, carpet tiles, and fasteners at Skinners are also on their second life, reclaimed from the waste stream to bring function and fun to the playground. Through the architect’s zero waste approach, Skinners Playground proved to be an economically sound endeavor, as well as environmentally friendly way to bring recreation into the backyard of kids living in South Melbourne. Even though architect-designed, the program at Skinners is kid driven, with local children adding touches like hand-painted murals.

Via The Cool Hunter