When it comes to growing food, the sky’s the limit thanks to innovations like the Sky Urban Vertical Farming System. Designed and pioneered by the Singapore-based company Sky Greens, the vertical farming system is a revolutionary modern spin on the ancient practice of agriculture. Using cutting edge technology, the system demonstrates an energy efficient, environmentally friendly method of producing food that could be a powerful tool in feeding the ever-growing, increasingly urbanized, global population.

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As regular Inhabitat readers will know, vertical farming is not unique to Sky Greens. The Sky Greens system is the world’s first low carbon, hydraulic driven vertical farm. The vegetables are planted on various shelves that rotate throughout the day, allowing those on the bottom to receive water and those on the top to receive sunlight. Food production through this method uses significantly less water, land, or energy than a farm would use to produce the equivalent amount. Compared to traditional farms, the Sky Urban Vertical Farming System produces at least 10 times more yield. Although the Sky Urban system has primarily been used for Asian vegetables such as Chinese cabbage and nai bai, it could be used to grow all sorts of delicious fruits and veggies.

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Jack Ng, founder of Sky Greens, created the first prototype for the system in 2009. Since then his company and its pioneering vertical farming system have received numerous awards and financial support from the Singapore government. The Sky Greens system has also found admirers among peer sustainability innovators, including Senior Director for Sustainability at Philips Simona Rocchi, who stated “we’ve seen many before, but [Sky Greens] is actually working and is at the top of its field. It is a brilliant combination of high-tech and great design thinking.”

Sky Greens was most recently honored with an INDEX: Award for excellence in sustainability design. This prestigious award is given to projects that are practical, eye-catching and most importantly, help to improve the world. Congratulations to Sky Greens. We munch a carrot in salute to your great work.

Via Index: Design to Improve Life

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