Using trash to grow food isn’t a new practice – composting, anyone? But this massive vertical bio-recycling plant brings the idea to a new level. Called the Bio-Diversity Project, the concept is to collect biodegradable post-consumer packaging (a.k.a. trash) that has been pre-laced with seeds, and “harvest” it in a skyscraper farm, where it can be sown into trees and edible crops.

Before any of the packaging reaches the recycling facility, and even before it reaches the consumer, it will be laced with tiny seeds – much like Paul Stamets’ Life Box concept. Then, when those boxes and packages are collected as trash, they will be taken to this skycraper’s recycling facilities where they can be broken down by pollutant eating fish.

The design of the skyscrapers features diamond-shaped tops which also serve as farmland growing various edible crops. Once plants and trees are grown at the facility, they can be transferred to forests, parks, and other farms. A portion of the building will also be used as a vertical farm for the city and the residents/workers of the complex. The designer envisions his vertical bio-recycling plants located in the most polluted cities around the world.

Via eVolo