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The focus of the Sorel Residence design was to construct a contemporary home in a traditional suburb without distracting from the area’s cohesive look. By covering the low, horizontal structure with a long, gabled roof with beveled corners, the architects were able to blend the home into the surrounding area, but still create a unique design for the homeowners. The dramatic slope of the roof gives the home both a traditional and contemporary look, complemented by the abundance of large windows along the facade. Additionally, the gabled front entry and screened-in porch allows for an inviting atmosphere, perfect for suburban socializing.

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From the onset of the construction process, the architects were determined to leave the existing trees undisturbed. Accordingly, in order to adapt the home design to its natural environment without causing harm, the architects oriented the structure perpendicularly on the large plot of land, protecting the trees and giving the homeowners a semi-private wooded area to enjoy.

On the interior, two large skylights at the center of the house add a healthy and particularly luminous atmosphere to the open floorplan. For an added touch of personality, the two skylights are divided by a bright yellow frame, further warming the home by contrasting with the primarily all-white interior.

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Photography by Adrien Williams