SouthWest Wind Power showed off their latest turbine – the Skystream 600 – this week at CES 2011, and we’re impressed. The latest in SouthWest’s long line of turbines, the Skystream 600 is equipped with a unique Skyview system that can be accessed via the internet to provide users with information about how much energy it is producing in real time. In fact, the turbine is said to be so efficient that it produces 74% more energy than its  predecessor – the Skystream 3.7.

The SkyStream 600 is estimated to average about 7,500 kWhs of energy per year with an average wind speed of 12mph. However it is the fact that the turbine provides ‘real time’ information that is most interesting. This feature makes it the first “fully smart grid-enabled wind turbine” and it is expected to be popular when released in April.

While the price has yet to be announced, households that are interested in diversifying their energy supply would do well to consider this item. Not only is it expected to be cheaper than solar panels, but wind power efficiency is growing each year and anticipated to become the leading form of domestic renewable energy.

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Images: Southwest Windpower