While wandering the halls of ICFF this year we came across this beautiful new LED Lamp design by Koncept and were instantly smitten with its graceful lines and clarity of purpose. Koncept’s gorgeously simple Z-Bar is a true testament to the “less is more” philosophy of design. Why have fidgetty little nobs, decorations, and unecessary distraction when the main purpose of a desk lamp is to illuminate your desk with as little energy and heat as possible? Koncept’s unobtrusively sexy form packs a secret punch – behind the flexible stick shape of the Z-bar Lamp is a high power set of 66 LEDs which provide up to 240 lumens while only consuming 8.8 watts of electricity.

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The new Z-Bar High Power comes in cool white to match daylight, or warm white to match the warm glow of regular light bulbs. Improved lifetime means the lamp will still be running strong after 40,000 hours – so there’s no need to ever change the bulbs.

Apparently we are not the only ones smitten with Koncept’s Z-Bar Lamp design – the design won a “Best of Category” award from International Design (I.D.) Magazine. At $129 for the original, and $169 for the new “High-Power” design, Z-bar packs a lot of bang for the buck.

+ Z-Bar LED Desk Lamp

$129-$169 from Koncept

Animated gif of Koncept's Z-bar desk