Antony Gibbon Designs, Inhabit, Treehouses, sustainable, cedar cladding, daylighting

Inhabit is a contemporary structure with a very sleek and minimalist design. It can be built in a variety of different settings depending on the site. Antony Gibbon Designs respect nature and insists on developing treehouse solutions that have very little impact the natural environment.

The entrance to this retreat structure is from below and allows for the design to feel much more like a watchtower to the surrounding environment. The treehouse sleeps up to six people depending on the design layout. Cedar cladding wraps the structure, while large viewing windows allow the occupants to watch nature change around them. The windows also provide for a large amount of natural lighting. Alas, like the Roost treehouse, this one is still on the drawing board, but we’d love to see it get built.

+ Antony Gibbon Designs

Images provided by Antony Gibbon Designs