If there is one trend that’s held true in Las Vegas for CES 2014, it’s that smart technology is all the rage. And Sleep Number is getting in on the action with x12, a smart bed filled with various sensors that monitor user sleeping habits, movement, heart and breathing rate. It isn’t cheap at $8,000, but it does come with a feature that lets you deal with your partner’s snoring, which may well justify the price all on its own.

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The dual-sided bed’s main selling point is the built-in Sleep IQ technology which monitors your sleep patterns and recommends optimal settings for the adjustable mattress. It also tracks heart rate, breathing rate, amount of time you are lying still or moving and, using an app, cross-references pre-sleep activities such as exercise and caffeine to deliver Sleep IQ scores.

If your significant other suffers from laboured breathing at night, there is also a Partner Snore feature that will adjust the other half of the mattress by five degrees to reposition them and help alleviate their snoring. The bed doesn’t stop there either; it also responds to simple voice commands, has a built-in function that lets you record messages, and under-bed lighting that helps people navigate in the middle of the night.

“While this bed is a first of its kind with really unique consumer benefits, everybody deserves to know better sleep,” says Sleep Number chief product officer Annie Bloomquist, as quoted by USA Today. “In the coming months we will be introducing these technologies across our entire Sleep Number line.” That means while the price might seem high now, there could soon be a much more affordable option on the market to help you get a perfect night’s rest.

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