Inspired by the classic solid wood slide top pencil case, designer and craftsman Santiago Morahan re-designed this ‘old school’ classic out of cardboard. Founder of Disenio Cartonero, a brand that makes everything out of the extremely versatile material, Morahan not only makes eco-friendly products, but he directly helps local people through this socially aware design project. The cardboard he uses is bought from local “cartoneros” (independent urban recyclers or garbage collectors) for a higher price that they would receive if they sold it recycling centers, in turn shortening the process and making it even more environmentally friendly.

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If you think these pencil cases are ¨too cool for school¨ they could also be left on the desk keeping small things stored away and out of sight. The pencil cases are long enough for pens, pencils, short rulers, rubbers and sharpeners.

Thanks to a technique that Morahan developed himself, nothing gets wasted. The pencil cases are part of a zero-waste process, made from small pieces of cardboard leftovers from his bigger products. After they have been accurately cut to size, several layers of cardboard are glued together for making a stronger and more durable object. The unique aesthetics are then given by carefully selecting the case top cover, usually taken from sweets or electronics boxes, reminding us of the material’s previous life.

Disenio Cartonero’s creations are very affordable, light, recyclable, zero-waste, biodegradable, neat and socially aware. Best of all, they could easily be sent from Argentina to anywhere in the world, check it out!

Images © Disenio Cartonero