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Transforming multi-purpose furniture is a key design element for small space living, so clever tricks were employed to turn this tiny apartment into an efficient office. The largest room of the apartment was transformed into a large meeting room and library with a sliding wall. When a large meeting space is needed, the wall slides shut over the library (there’s a hole cut out for the table). When less people are there, the library can be opened. Then at night, the library is closed down and the large meeting table can be used as a dining room.

One of the bedrooms was turned into a work room with three stations and upper shelving. To provide additional work and reading space, this work room was connected to the larger bedroom across the hall with a large swinging bookshelf. When open, the bookshelf effectively cuts off the bedroom space and creates a reading room accessible from the work room through a square portal. At night when everyone has gone home, the swinging door is closed and the bedroom is more open.

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Images © Ryohei Hamda