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Bancroft Green was developed by the multi-talented Seibert brothers, G.C. and Scott, who are well-known on the Philly green home building scene. The sustainable-minded siblings scouted a series of vacant lots for the development, so the buildings serve as efficient urban infill instead of taking up valuable land that could have been used for other purposes.

The verdant roof, which was designed and installed by Green Roof Works, acts as a barrier to UV rays, increasing the life of the roof, not to mention probably promoting the health and well-being of the residents who get to look at it everyday. Instead of lying flat, the sedum and succulent-planted plots are slanted towards each townhome, giving the illusion of a grassy green hill right outside the window. The plants also reduce heat-gain, keeping the homes cooler and capture storm-water runoff.

Inside the Bancroft, geothermal HVAC systems pump up energy-efficiency and push down owners’ electricity bills, something the Seibert brothers pride themselves on greatly. The homes also boast heat recovery ventilators, dual-flush toilets and low-flow fixtures. And to take it a step even further, the bricks for the facades and stoops are all re-used and even the rubber rooftop and backyard pavers are recycled from old tires, and were produced locally in Lancaster County.

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