A small community of villagers in Guizhou Province, China refused houses that the government offered them, and decided to continue living in caves in the mountains of Anshun. The Miao ethnic minority group has developed a quasi-tribal society and built roofless houses, schools and a basketball court inside the 230-meter-long, 115-meter-wide and 50-meter-high cave.

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The community has built a small village, withbamboo houses, barns, sheds, an elementary school and even a basketball court. As the space already has a giant stone ceiling, the structures were constructed without roofs. The inhabitants use the water falling from the rock and grow wheat in the hills near the quarry.

Since 2007, when the community counted about a hundred members, the cave is now inhabited by only 18. Many men have left to find jobs in towns and cities, and the remaining group now has to build awater reservoir to solve the issue of water supply.

Although living in the hills, far away from the urban environment, the group is not completely isolated from the rest of the world. They have television and use the telecommunication signal of the quarry. Their children have books and, every once in a while, somebody brings newspapers and magazines.

Via China Underground