It’s been said that you can’t reinvent the wheel. Well… how about the highway? That’s exactly what you’re looking at: the next evolution of the highway. The Loop is smarter, cleaner and better than anything of its kind that has ever been built before. It just might change transportation as we know it.

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A highway encased in a glass structure

Meet the world’s smartest running and cycling infrastructure. You won’t find it anywhere but in Dubai. The Loop by URB is a sustainable urban highway. It’s a zero-emission transport system, and that’s just the beginning of what this thing can do. First, it uses kinetic power to run on 100% renewable energy. Next, it is irrigated with 100% recycled water. There are also vertical farms integrated into the design.

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A blue highway stretched inside a glass structure

Moreover, The Loop will become a hub for more than three million people. The environment will be climate controlled all year long and encourage cycling and walking among residents. The plan is to change the way people in Dubai get around. Currently, the city is extremely car-centric. The Loop is hoped to encourage around 80% of residents to cycle and bike instead within the next few years.

Vertical gardens inside a glass structure

Additionally, The Loop will make it easier for people to connect cycling and public transport as part of their daily commute, making use of both systems rather than traveling by car. This has the added benefit of contributing to public health. This is the first highway of its kind anywhere in the entire world. This will help to turn Dubai into a “20-minute city,” which puts residents within 20 minutes by foot or bicycle of major attractions. This will effectively move transport away from cars to more eco-friendly methods of travel.

Exterior of a highway encased in a glass structure

Lastly, the structure has a biophilic interior that is full of plants. Public spaces are integrated into the design, turning The Loop into a highway-park hybrid that’s full of gorgeous greenery and spaces to both relax and play. There will also be waste recycling stations and kinetic energy tracks that supply power to the smart energy grid.


Images via URB