If you love indoor plants as much as we do, you’ll be thrilled with this new modular, self-watering system called LetPot. This growing system has a 30-day water tank and is fully automated and controlled by smart phone. LetPot is currently an already-over-goal Kickstarter that includes smart app, recyclable containers and solar-charging LED grow lights.

A series of potted plants with a chart to the side of it

What can you grow with LetPot? Pretty much anything small like herbs and veggies, but the company claims you could also grow small fruit trees. You can preorder currently for an early bird price of $125. The coolest thing about LetPot is that you can fill the water tank once and it will last for 30 days. Great for if you travel, or, like us, just tend to forget to water your plants.

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A series of indoor houseplants in pots on a shelf

“Having indoor plants has been proven to benefit health. Not only do they create oxygen and remove harmful toxins, studies have shown that they reduce stress levels and boost mood,” said Andy Lin, founder and CEO of LetPot.

A series of indoor houseplants in a stacked arrangement

LetPot has a modular system of pots made from UV-resistant, food-grade recyclable resin so you can size up as needed to add plants. You can use it indoors or outdoors as the pots are waterproof and won’t fade in the sun. When you’re ready for more plants, you can expand your system with more pots one at a time. Hook up a LetPot system to your potted trees or add on solar-charging LED grow lights.

A series of indoor houseplants with a diagram to the side of it showing that you can grow beetroot, kale and cabbage

The water tank is 20 liters, so it should be able to handle larger plants for a few weeks as well. If you need to change your watering schedule, your phone app can add a watering with one click. This feature can be used for all plants at once or customized according to different species’ watering needs.

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