Water is a valuable resource – and it will only get more expensive if we continue use wasteful old-fashioned irrigation techniques such as sprinklers. One smart alternative is Hydros, an irrigation controller that uses sensors, regional weather forecasts, and smart algorithms to conserve water and slash your monthly bills by as much as 60 percent. Plus, it saves you time because you don’t have to learn about different soil and grass types, most of which have watering requirements that change with the weather.

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Unlike a traditional sprinkler, which comprises an extremely inefficient use of water, Hydros will never over or under water your garden. It formulates the duration and frequency of when your sprinklers need to run based on the type and conditions of your grass and soil, and even factors in the weather forecast. Once set, the device will continue to take measurements throughout the day, and check for weather updates in case it needs to make any adjustments to the current watering schedule. Another great feature is that the sensors work from beneath the Earth, only sticking up half an inch from the ground, which makes it safe for a lawnmower to run over them.

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What makes Hydros smarter than other one-size-fits-all irrigation systems, is the fact you can place up to 12 sensors in various parts of your garden, which makes it easy to accommodate for different types of grass, plants or soil. The system will handle all the complicated calculations, but if you want to keep an eye on the data, or make any manual changes, there is an accompanying app for phones and tablets that puts you in control. Support Hydros on Kickstarter, where you can get a sensor and controller for $160, which is $90 less than the retail price.

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