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The most striking feature of the car is the hexagon sprinkled roof. The glass top is covered in solar cells and the numerous shaped boxes covering them work as light transmitters that use the solar energy to power the multimedia aspects of the car, as well as 3 interior fans. The fans also ventilate accordingly when the car is sitting idle in the sun, keeping it nice and cool.

Newly designed OLEDs illuminate the car’s interior when the doors open or when a button is pushed. They are also incorporated into the roof, remaining clear as glass during the day and turning into a soft light at night. OLED’s use about half the energy of conventional car lamps and can come in a variety of fun colors such as the blue and green seen in the Smart, here.

The temperature management of the Smart Forvision is also an innovative treat. Derived from a series of scientific experiments studying where our bodies collect heat the fastest, the self supporting plastic seats contain direct heating in the middle and lower back areas, as well as on the armrest of the door.  Conversely, a heat shield of infrared-reflective film created by BASF covers all of the car’s windows, preventing the interior from heating up when in the sun. The white interior and the special white pigment in the exterior paint also assist in the reflecting of harmful rays.

The Smart Forvision is also much lighter than most vehicles, requiring much less energy to function. This prototype in particular will be the first car with all-plastic wheels, saving at least 6 pounds per wheel. The innovative fibers that make up the incredible new tires have been tested to stand extreme thermal and chemical conditions, and have been proven to maintain their durability and strength. The doors are even lightweight, made with a carbon-fiber reinforced epoxy that is more eco-friendly to produce and use than traditional steel or aluminum.

Lest we forget, a sleek and futuristic design is also an important factor for a concept car. Every detail from the tiny glittering glass within the paint, to the rear lights illuminating a certain number of “bars” when the car is charging, show us that the people at Smart and BASF have thought of it all. The Smart Forvision will be on display later this month at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt.

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