The African Serengeti is host to some of the world’s most diverse and iconic wildlife, but there aren’t enough documentaries in the world to capture it all. That’s where the University of Minnesota’s Snapshot Serengeti project come in. Using hundreds of camera traps, the University photographs the unsuspecting lives of the over 30 different types of animals—including those elusive cheetahs, rare rhinos, elephants and herds of zebras.

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For the last few years the project has been operating a network of 225 motion and heat triggered trap cameras to capture animals roaming all over the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Unfortunately, this year the photographic project is running out of funding. Now it’s looking to crowdfunding to keep going; as of this writing they need a little bit under $7,000 to reach a $33,000 goal in less than two days.

The money will go to keeping their cameras running until the end of 2013, allowing them to capture a full seventh season of images. That might not sound like a lot, but Snapshot Serengeti co-founder Margaret Kosmala says is it will give them millions of camera trap images to last three to four years.

So head over to the campaign page and pledge anywhere from $8 to receive five high-resolution images downloads from their collection. There’s already a giant database of images you can access online and start identifying animals as an amateur wildlife biologist.

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