Snohetta’s Maggie’s Cancer Center made its official debut in Scotland yesterday. The cancer care facility is a single-story curved building with a concrete shell-like exterior and a soft timber interior. The 350 square meter center in Aberdeen will draw from its environment to provide the best climate for its patients and a varying number of visitors who circulate throughout the day.

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Maggie’s Cancer Center resembles a pavilion more than a traditional healthcare facility. Built as part of the Elizabeth Montgomerie Foundation fundraising campaign, it is a place where people affected by the illness can meet, as well as receive care and guidance. Located at the southern boundary of the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary’s Foresterhill site, at the edge of Westbum field, the center will be connected to the hospital while still retaining its independence.

Built as a pavilion with an interior clad in timber, the center is slightly more angular in design. The existing tree line along Westburn is to be strengthened with new maple trees and a few Beech trees near the entrance while a solar panel array is integrated into the surrounding pattern. The low-lying dome was placed to maximize sunlight from the south and west. The building has one ground floor with a small mezzanine area dedicated to office and administrative functions.

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