As varied as they are, it seems every nutritional plan can agree on one thing — fruits and veggies are good for the body. The team at So Good So You certainly thinks so and is on a mission to compress as many plant benefits into one small, recyclable bottle as possible.

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So Good So You was founded on the idea that plant-based drinks are not only good for our health but can be made while “putting people and the planet before profit.” The company achieves this goal in several ways.

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The first is through only using certified organic, non-GMO and 100% vegan ingredients. With a focus on gut health, each 1.7-ounce bottle contains 1 billion probiotic CFUs. The lineup continues to grow with each product addressing a specific area of health. Categories include beauty (with natural silica and biotin), detox, energy (with caffeine), digestion, sleep, endurance and the newly released immunity. So Good So You uses a system called High Pressure Processing (HPP) to destroy harmful bacteria and maintain the integrity of the natural, plant-based flavors. This process also eliminates the need for preservatives. That’s another way of saying you’ll recognize all the ingredients on the label.

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The company acknowledges that single-serve shots mean loads of individual containers, so it invested in BtrBtl technology. These bottles break down much faster than traditional plastic and can be added to the recycling stream without any negative impact. Data in a recent study showed a biodegradation rate of 31-37% after 391 days, compared to 2% in traditional PET containers. It’s not a perfect system yet, but as the company states, “BtrBtl, pronounced ‘better bottle’, is our best effort to-date for a complete life-cycle solution for our product packaging.”

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Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the offices and manufacturing plant are completely powered by renewable energy. The company also takes special care of facility waste, diverting more than 94% of it away from landfills. So Good So You products can be found at Target, Publix, Whole Foods, Cub Foods and many other retailers across the country.

stacked bottles of organic cold-pressed juice

Personal review of So Good So You Products

To say I was excited to receive these little bottles of pressed juice is a considerable understatement. With a family that enjoys pressed juices, I was thrilled when my sample box arrived!

Let me start by saying the company’s dedication to sustainable packaging was immediately evident. There’s information stamped right on the recyclable cardboard box about how to properly dispose of each piece of packing material. The juices have to remain cold, so ice and insulation are necessary. Unlike another company that recently shipped me items in multiple petroleum-based plastic foam coolers that I will be paying to recycle (ugh), So Good So You lined the box with corn-based foam sheets. The instructions say to dissolve the material in water and use it to water your plants. No plastic foam here. Thank you! The ice packs are non-toxic, so they can be opened, drained and then recycled with other plastic film. I chose to plop mine back into the freezer for future use, but it’s good to know what to do with them when the time comes.

stacks of cold-pressed juices on a kitchen counter

On to the products … I just can’t say enough good things about these pressed juices. The beautiful colors look like natural, whole foods. Each bottle gives a bit of insight regarding the type of support inside. If you’re not someone who enjoys vegetables you might need a ‘beet’ or two to get used to the strength. For me, I was ecstatic the flavors tasted like the plant they came from — not watered down or sugared up. Beets taste like beets, carrots taste like carrots and grapefruit tastes like grapefruit. I’m not saying I’m a beet fan, but it’s a shot — a small amount that undeniably lets me know I’m drinking a vegetable.

Let’s be real here. I fully understand there’s a power of suggestion when it comes to products labeled as natural and healthy, especially those claiming to support immunity and beauty or offer energy and endurance. With that in mind, part of me wanted to discredit these claims. But my experience has been delightful (and delicious). After every shot, I feel a bit of a rush. It’s subtle, but it’s like my cells do a little dance. I’ve experienced this same feeling after eating an amazing, plant-based meal. It’s a clean energy that is, well you might say ‘organic,’ and I think I will. So do these juices do what they claim? I don’t know. But I do know I like the way they make me feel physically, mentally and environmentally.

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Editor’s Note: This product review is not sponsored by So Good So You. All opinions on the products and company are the author’s own.