So iLL, Inc., launched in 2019, has developed a product line of bags, shoes, shirts and face masks, all with attention to recycled and natural materials. The brand is gaining attention with its new collection of vegan shoes in partnership with actor Jason Momoa.

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Momoa and So iLL founder Daniel Chancellor were introduced through a mutual friend in Los Angeles and quickly found they shared a passion for climbing. With a respect for So iLL and a desire to collaborate on a line of outdoor products, a partnership was born.

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actor Jason Momoa holding white and purple vegan shoes

The collection includes shoes that honor Momoa’s passion for climbing, which he credits for guiding his life, saying, “Climbing found me, it blessed me, and I fell in love with it.” The On the Roam Momoa Pro and Momoa Pro LV climbing shoes are ready for ascent with a lightweight design, fabric-fastener closure and a notable nod to Momoa’s niho mano, a traditional triangular patterned tattoo that resembles shark teeth.

product photo of green vegan sneaker

Also part of the On the Roam Collection is the Yaya Lavender Roamer and Unity Purple Roamer, both made using 100% organic cotton for the canvas upper and 30% BLOOM Resin for the insole. BLOOM technology is a plant-based material that removes algae blooms from the water, reducing water pollution. It’s an alternative to conventional petroleum-based foams used in most shoes. The Roamers include a top layer of cork and a rubber outsole that doesn’t require sacrificing any trees. The rubber is mixed with Eco Pure, another product that helps cut down on decomposition time in a landfill, eliminating the slow degradation connected with petroleum-based shoes that take generations to break down.

On the left, Jason Momoa holding a canvas bag. On the right, Jason Momoa looking at shoes.

The team also makes a canvas-like sneaker that comes in Eco Camo, Pounamu Green, Dirty Pink and Black Wolf color and pattern options. These lightweight shoes feature a material made with 20% recycled plastic, in addition to the plant-based materials found in the Roamer.

person wearing black vegan shoes

Another option in the On the Roam collection is the Kanaka Sandal, featuring the pattern honoring Momoa’s niho mano on the foot strap. Face masks are available in three fabric color options, and they incorporate 65% recycled polyester and 35% organic cotton made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles.

person holding black vegan duffle bag

A selection of dirt bags round out the collection with the Eco Camo Dirt Bag including a canvas-like material made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles. The entire line is vegan.

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