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Spas are a luxurious place to relax and heal, but that doesn’t mean they need to be wasteful power hogs flushing water down the drain. San Francisco startup SOAK wants to bring healthy and sustainable hedonism to the city while boosting urban areas that need a little support. The pop-up and temporary shipping container spa can be installed in any urban spot and act as a destination and reason for people to remain in an up-and-coming area while redevelopment occurs. The container spa comes with all its own infrastructure and works to improve the site and the area until enough growth has occurred and the spa can move on to another area in need of support.

The spa includes a sauna, hot tubs, cold water plunges, a lounge, a changing area, a garden, and a rooftop deck. To minimize impact from energy and water use, Rebar designed the spa to harvest rainwater and generate its own power. Of the four shipping containers, one is used to store collected rainwater, which provides 22,500 gallons annually or 50% of the water needed for the hot tubs.

The spa can operate totally off grid and makes use of solar thermal collectors to heat water for the tubs, and photovoltaics to provide energy for the energy efficient sauna, lighting and other energy needs. Used water is filtered and processed through the gardens before being discharged into the ground. In this way, only black water from toilets makes its way into the city’s system and all grey water is recharged into the aquifer. Low flow fixtures, energy efficient systems and heat exchangers further improve water and energy efficiency.

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