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Located just south of the touristic city of Cancun, Tulum attracts an array of eco-tourists seeking the adventure within a natural and barely touched landscape. Days are spent exploring the world’s second largest coral reef, hiking in the local tropical forests, visiting Mayan ruins or relaxing on the beach.

Situated on the beach, Casa de las Olas’ roof is lined with solar panels that soak up the Mexican sun. The power is stored in adjacent batteries for the resort’s use. Rainwater collection systems help irrigate the grounds, and biodegradable cleaning product and soaps help keep the hotel and its guests clean. Each suite opens to the outdoors, bringing in cross breezes and connecting guests to the beach.

Local fare is also readily available, with nearby local farms and restaurants providing hands on cooking excursions where guests can learn about the fresh and traditional cuisine of the Tulum area.

Casa de las Olas takes their commitment to sustainability even further, encouraging a dialogue between guests, staff and locals on the subject of eco-tourism, environmental practices and conservation.

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