While Sochi’s security forces are on high alert against potential terrorist attacks, there’s a different kind of horror sweeping the Russian city’s streets. In preparation for the Olympic Games, the city officials are determined to get rid of Sochi’s massive stray dog population and they have reportedly turned to mass killings as the cheapest and most efficient solution. Sochi has hired Alexei Sorokin, owner of a local pest control firm Basia Services, to handle the stray dogs, or, as Sorokin calls them: “biological trash.”

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When the government first announced its plans for mass euthanasia last year, officials decided to change their tune in the wake of protests and international criticism. At the time, authorities responded by saying that the animals would not be killed. Instead, the dogs would be rounded up and sent to special shelters for medical examinations. Activists, however, have asserted that no such shelters exist and that the Olympic games are just one of the more recent excuses for Sochi’s long-time practice for the mass killings.

In an interview with ABC News, Sorokin justifies his extermination methods by claiming that the thousands of roaming dogs pose a danger to visiting tourists and to the Olympic games. He cited one recent incident when a stray dog wandered into an Olympic opening ceremony rehearsal, calling it a potential “disgrace for the whole country.”

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