Is your home that chaotic that you are finding it difficult to read, meditate or just relax? If that’s the case, this minimalistic space might be what you need. Created by Marie Dessuant and Margaux Keller within the Fabrica experimental center, Soft Fold Cabane is a mobile, temporary space with all you need to retreat from the world to find some precious time for yourself.

green Interiors, Transforming Furniture, Minimal, Mobile space, Meditation Space, Marie Descant, Meraux Keller, fabric, soft furnishing, relaxation

Soft Fold Cabane consist of a small lecture table, a comfy seat, a lamp and various bedding pieces that could be hang from the frame or left on the floor. Dessuant and Keller recall finding the wooden structure at a Scottish flea market and think that it might have belong to a fishermen’s stall. Flexible, austere and tinted with an harmonious palette, Soft Fold Cabane is the perfect space to find your inner peace within your home environment.

Via Experimenta