Looking for a way to illuminate your next summer fete without burning any carbom? Well these beautiful solar Soji lanterns will have you saying “I see the light.” These high style lanterns get their juice from the sun and are a steal for solar-powered lighting at only $34.99 each. Plus, their wavy, modern motifs will add just the right amount of understated glow to your home, yard or rooftop party.

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The Japanese-inspired Shoji lantens measure 9″ x 9″ and come with a handy handle for carrying and hanging. Each lantern is constructed of a hard plastic (yes, we know plastic isn’t our #1 choice of material, but plastic is durable, and durability is sustainable!) and contains 2 amber LED lights, a solar panel, an AAA rechargeable battery that stories the sun’s energy, and stainless steel hardware. We love the modern-meets-traditional look of these Shoji lanterns, as well as the multi-functionality and eco cred

+ Soji Solar Lanterns
$39.99 from Allsop Garden