Urban Green Energy Inc has installed 120 solar and wind-powered streetlights in PingQuan, situated in the Hebei province of China. Instead of opting for costly traditional lights that would have needed to sink wires into the ground and connect to the grid, the city chose a more sustainable route. Each Sanya light is equipped with a HoYi! wind turbine and two 280 watt solar panels, allowing them to function completely off-grid.

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During August and September of 2012, New York-based UGE helped to usher in a new era of urban design in PingQuan, China. They set up 120 efficient LED street lights where there was previously no illumination. It would have cost the city a hefty sum to dig up the road and set the wires so the off-grid streetlights were a worthwhile investment. Wind turbines and solar panels create power that is stored in a battery at the base of the light. The battery is capable of storing up to 3-5 days of backup energy. With a slim profile and modern look, the lights were also meant to make an aesthetic statement. Appearing modern without being overbearing, they show the region’s commitment to green technology.

UGE’s hybrid system has the advantage of being able to harness energy from both the wind and the sun. (When one energy source is high, the other tends to be low.) Seasonal changes exacerbate this effect, so by adding both methods of energy collection, the lights are able to harness the energy year-round and day or night.