Energizer has worked hard to brand and market itself as the go-to battery for rechargeable reuse by offering many nifty little recharging gadgets to power up your AA and AAA batteries. At CES this week, Energizer debuted its latest green gadget, the Solar Battery Recharger. While we all love our Solios, if you wanted to charge batteries you still had to buy a battery charger that drains energy from the grid. This solar charger removes the step, allowing you to charge both AA and AAA batteries with renewable energy.

The Rechargeable Solar Charger holds several batteries at a time and also features a USB port that can charge some cell phones, GPS units, cameras, and even iPods. Besides drawing energy from the sun, the unit can also be plugged into an electrical outlet for quick charging in the event of a cloudy day. The device is neat and compact without extra parts or cords (aside from the AC power cord), and it is weatherproof and can handle the elements.

The solar charger should be available this summer for $49.99 and comes with two rechargable batteries. No details on charge rates or power output, so we can’t compare it to the other great solar charging devices, but at $49.99, this seems like a pretty good price and a great way to charge your batteries in an environmentally friendly way.

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Via Good Clean Tech