Some of you probably know that President Jimmy Carter installed an array of solar panels on the White House roof in 1979. You also may remember that they were unceremoniously removed in 1986 — about the same time that President Ronald Reagan allowed President Carter’s solar power tax credits to expire. Well, now a coalition of solar power companies led by Sungevity are calling on the American people to sign a petition to convince the Obama Administration to have a solar panel system permanently reinstalled on White House roof — one that would lower White House utility bills by 81%.

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Sungevity and their coalition of solar companies are offering up a sweet energy deal to the President — they’ll install the entire system for free. In the event that he doesn’t want the freebie, they’re also offering to lease the system to the American Public for $537 per month with free maintenance and a full warranty. They’ve done the math and think the White House will require a 17.85 kW STC system. Including the monthly lease payment, the administration would save a whopping $1,610 in utility bills each month.

The Obama Administration has been offering tax incentives, rebates and programs to help the American public rely more on renewable energy in the last year, including yesterday’s “Retrofit Ramp Up” announcement. It’s about time they heed their own advice and get some clean green power on the most prominent of their structures. Powering the White House on the sun would not only save the country just over $19,000 in utility bills each year, but it would provide the most fitting example for the rest of us to follow suit.

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